Litigation Consultant Speeds Trial Preparation with Yeslaw - Over 100GB of Video Synchronized in Less a Week

Ted Brooks, President of Litigation-Tech LLC recently was challenged to prepare a 7-year old case for trial in less than a week. The case, involving a major sports team, had lingered, like many cases, until the last minute. Now, Ted and his team were faced with building a trial database, digitizing and synchronizing approximately 150 hours of deposition video, and creating clips for 38 absentee witnesses.

With a great deal of experience in preparing sophisticated cases for trial, Ted knew that it was not in his or his client's best interest to spend his firm's time synchronizing depositions. He turned to YesVideo, the world leader in digital media on demand.

YesVideo's YesLaw, is a combination of product and service that gives the user immediate access to all elements of the testimony. Each videotape is synchronized with the reporter's transcript and returned on a YesLaw CD. The CD includes software that allows the user to review the video, create clips and export them to presentation programs.

"In trial preparation and courtroom presentation nothing but 100% accuracy will do," said Mr. Brooks. "Every tape was returned absolutely perfect. We were able to create more than seven hours of video clips (several hundred deposition excerpts) quickly and efficiently. We could never have done it without YesLaw. A case of this size and complexity could easily take nearly a month to prepare."

"The lead attorney, a senior member of a major Bay Area firm, was thrilled with our ability to pull this off with so little time. YesLaw helped us accomplish what would otherwise have been impossible."

About Litigation-Tech LLC
Litigation-Tech is a San Francisco-Bay Area company specializing in trial consulting and litigation support services. The company is one of only a very small handful of legal technology firms in the nation recommended by both Summation and InData (TrialDirector). Cases, such as the one mentioned here, have impossibly demanding deadlines and require extremely accurate and effective management. Litigation-Tech has repeatedly demonstrated this ability, and has thus earned the highest level of respect in the industry. More information about Litigation-Tech is available at

About YesVideo
YesVideo, Inc. is a privately held company that is the global leader in digital media on demand. Founded in 1999 by Sai-Wai Fu, a pioneer in digital video compression technology, YesVideo launched the YesLaw service in December 2002. YesLaw offers a high quality, affordable service to solution to the problem of synchronizing and editing videotaped depositions. YesLaw enables legal professionals to easily review depositions, identify key testimony, create and export clips, and present them at trial, mediation, and settlement. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, YesVideo operates the world's largest video-to-DVD/CD transfer facility, servicing over two thousand distributors including Kodak, Fuji, Sony, and Konica. More information is available at