Vetting your Trial Presentation Provider

Ten Questions to Ask Your "Hot Seat" Provider and Ten Qualities of Top Trial Presentation Professionals
These two informative "check-lists" can assist you in making an informed decision.

Early Stage Trial Consulting

We offer a wide range of litigation support services, including exhibit management and production, creating a trial database and exhibit list, assigning exhibit numbers and adding electronic exhibit stickers, case analysis from an "outsider's" perspective, and assistance with Mediation, Focus Groups and Mock Trials.

Graphics, Animations, PowerPoint Presentations

We have a great deal of experience in creating effective demonstrative exhibits and slides which may be used in trial. These may also be used for Mediation, Settlement Conferences and Expert Witnesses. From simple but effective graphics to complex animations and video, we can help jurors understand your message.

Legal and Deposition Video

We offer deposition video sync and conversion services, in addition to creating "clips" for impeachment or absentee witnesses. We also feature in-house video editing services for non-depo video, including Day in the Life for Mediation and Trial.

Trial Presentation

This is the core of our business - not just something we're doing as another potential revenue stream. We've worked with many attorneys who had never utilized technology in trial, and you are able to try your case in a similar manner as before - the only difference being the manner in which the evidence is published to the jury. We anticipate your next move, zooming in and highlighting key text as it is discussed during a witness examination. We do not use proprietary software that locks you in to one vendor. We do not charge overtime or rental fees on our trial laptops.

Trial Presentation Equipment Rental

We offer a full range of trial presentation equipment, such as projectors, screens, monitors, document cameras, and audio systems. Each of our Trial Techs are experienced in setting up and troubleshooting courtroom presentation systems. Our best rates apply when we are assisting with your trial prep and presentation.

War Room Support

In large trials, we are often involved in war room support, in addition to the trial presentation. Although we don't charge overtime, we can also provide additional support personnel, if required.

CLE Course Presentations

Litigation-Tech offers MCLE presentations to local Bar Associations and other Attorney groups. Generally covering technology in trial, we are happy to tailor a program to suit your needs. Availability is limited.