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Beginning with my time in-house at Brobeck (1998-2002), I have enjoyed writing about Legal Technology for many publications. This archive is intended to preserve many of these older articles, which were written prior to the Court Technology and Trial Presentation blog, which started in 2009.

Thank you, Ted Brooks


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Wal-Mart successfully defended against powerful emotional appeal with technology and Sanction
May-Carmen v. Wal-Mart bicycle trial – Marin County, CA
Ted Brooks, a well respected litigation consultant from the Bay Area, recently took Sanction to trial in defending Wal-Mart in a multiple-plaintiff, product liability suit. Not only was he very pleased with Sanction's performance, but so were his clients at Texas law-firm Gardere Wynne Sewell, as well as their clients at Wal-Mart and its co-defendants...

Money Matters, By Ted Brooks - Article for: Law Office Computing Feb/Mar 2005: Consultant's Challenge
Winning awards is a very important part of Plaintiff's litigation - jury awards that is. When Bill Smith and R.J. Waldsmith of Abramson Smith Waldsmith were hired to represent the plaintiff in Shropshire v. City of Walnut Creek, they knew they needed to take a new approach to trial.

Utilizing Available Resources: Reaching Jurors with Courtroom Technology, By Ted Brooks
Rare is a Litigation attorney these days who has never seen technology used for evidence presentation during a trial. Once thought of as presenting a risk of appearing as a deep-pocket party in a high-stakes case... jurors have now become adequately desensitized to electronic trial presentations to the point they have even come to expect it...

Litigation Support: Hiring Trial Consultants, By Ted Brooks
Increasingly, law firms turn to litigation consultants to help them develop sophisticated courtroom presentations. Here are 12 tips...

Winning The Close Case and Increasing Your Damages With Technology
In the business world, marketing is far ahead of the legal profession in effective communication... Trial lawyers are just beginning to embrace these tools. However, the technology gap is widening as lawyers fall farther and farther behind the curve. The legal profession is based on precedent and tradition, which can limit advancements...

Technology on Trial: Defusing Powerful Animation, By John Bringardner, Law Technology News
King v. Dillon, No. SC 071846 (Calif. Superior Ct., Los Angeles Co., West District, filed Aug. 13, 2003)... It looked like a difficult case to defend. ...Larry Langley and Pamela Shafer, of the Law Offices of Larry Langley, represent Safeco Insurance, and were charged with the task. They called upon San Francisco-based Litigation-Tech to help with trial support...

Wireless Spotlight: Case Study, By Ted Brooks
I recently bought a BlackBerry 7510, from Research in Motion and Nextel Communications, and I couldn't be happier. It is a far cry from the early units: they now sport a speakerphone and color screen, in addition to the wireless access to e-mail.

The Electronic Trial... seeing is believing!, By William B. Smith and Robert J. Waldsmith
Today, computer programs and sophisticated projectors or plasma screens allow trial lawyers to efficiently present numerous photographs, video clips, documents, x-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, and Power Point-type themes to the jury. The ability to control and organize...

Litigation Consultant Speeds Trial Preparation with YesLaw
Ted Brooks, President of Litigation-Tech LLC recently was challenged to prepare a 7-year old case for trial in less than a week. Faced with building a trial database, digitizing and synchronizing approximately 150 hours of deposition video, and creating clips for 38 absentee witnesses...

PowerPoint on Trial, By Ted Brooks

Viewing large amounts of Tiff documents (ABA Lawtech Board)
I normally deal with several thousand pages per case, but 17,000+ that have been produced in electronic form threw me a little. How do those who deal with this many discovery documents usually deal with them?

Document Management: The Never Ending Debate, By Matt Simmons
we should look at document management as the task of, or the practice of managing, handling & supervising pieces of paper that might contain the so-called "smoking gun" that would not only allow us to secure a multi-million dollar verdict for our clients...

To hire or not to hire a legal technology consultant? By Ted Brooks
...whether or not you choose to engage a consultant, remember it is your client who is affected by your decision to utilize or reject the opportunity to locate and employ the best possible solution for the task.

Document Management (in preparation for Trial), By Ted Brooks
...efficiency of the digital document trial, allowing exhibits to be displayed to all parties simultaneously, highlighting and zooming in on any given selection, at any given time, as opposed to having several binders passed to and from witnesses, Judge, jurors, and Counsel.

Daily Journal Article: "Ready or Not", By Daniel R. Miller and Ted Brooks

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How To Troubleshoot A PDF Printing Problem?
There are a number of potential factors leading to your slow printing, beginning with scanning and running through the printing process...

The Trial Lawyer: Seven Months; Four Cases and Huge Verdicts
Shropshire v. City of Walnut Creek - Contra Costa County Superior Court, Civil Action No. 01-02541

TrialDirector 4.0 brings $27.75M Victory
In the Shropshire v. City of Walnut Creek matter, wherein a highly talented talented and competitive young diver dove into a swimmer, causing him to instantly become a quadriplegic, the jury just brought home a $27.75 Million dollar verdict.

Litigation Support Software Picks

"Lit-Support - In-House or Outsource?"
The in-house litigation support department in our firm has steadily collapsed throughout 2002. We have recently decided to replace the department with an outside contractor...

Courtroom Presentations On The Record
"While I love technology, I'm scared of it in the courtroom. I'm scared of computers crashing -- whether it's Microsoft's "blue screen of death" or the laptop falling to the floor...

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In The Press

TechnoFeature: Top Five High-Profile Trial Blunders and How to Avoid Them... - by Ted Brooks, a TechnoLawyer exclusive
Regardless of whether you ever have the chance to work on a high-profile matter (hey, there aren't enough for everyone to have them), you can apply these tips in some fashion to nearly every case...

TechnoFeature: Inside Robert Blake's High-Tech Defense - by Ted Brooks, a TechnoLawyer exclusive
During the Robert Blake murder trial, M. Gerald Schwartzbach and his defense team called upon trial and technology consultant Ted Brooks to assist with the trial presentation. In this article, Ted shares his perspective, and provides a behind-the-scenes look...

TechnoFeature: Trial Technology and Visual Communication - by Ted Brooks, a TechnoLawyer exclusive
...trial and technology consultant Ted Brooks discusses one of the hottest topics in the legal profession today - visual communication at trial. The article is based on an MCLE course Ted has taught at numerous firms and government offices.

TechnoFeature: Review: InData TrialDirector Suite 4.0- by Ted Brooks, TechnoLawyer in-depth review of TrialDirector from a daily user's perspective.

Litigation Support: Fear Factor - by Monica Bay, Law Technology News
Ted Brooks, president of Litigation-Tech, sums it up: "Firms are not really sure what is available, often it just looks too expensive, and there are too many systems to choose from. It is largely a fear of the unknown."

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Paralyzed diver wins $28 million judgment Walnut Creek held liable for pool accident, SF Chronicle Article

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